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Post A Comment And Get An Inside Look At Rob’s New Santa Script

This is the press release for film I’m working on called THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SANTA CLAUS. I know it seems like I work on this blog 24/7 but, regrettably, I have pull myself away to write screenplays every once in a while. SANTA is scheduled to come out next Christmas. Post your comments below and let me know if you want me to share sequences from the movie on this site and I’ll see what I can do.

Constructing A Tight And Rewarding Story: "The Third Act Inversion" And "The Spoils"
Monsters University and Mining for Information with John Lasseter

  • Art Fahy

    Congratulations Rob. I know your talent and hard work will make this film a success. It’s hard to think of Santa at the moment. I am sitting in my office and the only thing that is separating me from ii5 degree heat is a wall. Oh yeah it’s a dry heat. I would like to see sequences of the movie if at all possible. Thanks

  • Shakurra Amatulla

    Would love to see the movie sequences. I appreciate your continuous generosity. Thank you.

  • Nancy Bates

    So looking forward to seeing your film. Christmas films rule and always make the holidays that much more special. Thanks for sharing some sequences too.

  • Christopher Velasquez

    I just stumbled on this post and wanted to say congrats!!!!! I am looking forward to watching this film.