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Join Me at the Central Coast Writers Conference

Something else to note, if you are attending the Central Coast Writers Conference this weekend, I hope you will be joining me for one or both of my classes. On Saturday, October 1st, I will be teaching you how to keep the reader turning pages all the way to the producers door with, “How to Survive Breaking Story” and “Creating Characters That Don’t Suck.” As mentioned in an earlier post, the “Characters” class with be at 1:45pm while the “Breaking Story” class will be at 10:15am. The Writers Conference runs from September 30-October 1. Tickets are availale for purchase at: Any thoughts, questions or requests, leave them below!

Creating Dynamic Characters at the Central Coast Writers Conference

Join me, Rob Edwards, for my “Creating Characters That Don’t Suck” class on Saturday, October 1st, at 1:45pm at the Central Coast Writers Conference in San Luis Obispo, California. This hour long class will delve into the Disney / Pixar concepts of creating dynamic and compelling characters that great actors will want to play, and are just a few of the “brain trust” philosophies that I learned while working on animated features such as Frozen, The Princess and the Frog and Treasure Planet. The Writers Conference runs from September 30-October 1. Tickets are availale for purchase at: See you there!

Eradicating Bad Screenwriting Forever at the Central Coast Writers Conference

Chat with me and other extremely talented writers at the Central Coast Writers Conference, at Cuesta Community College in San Luis Obispo, California, happening this weekend, September 30-October 1. Tickets are availale for purchase at: I’m looking forward to hearing about the interesting journeys that your characters will take me on. Leave any questions below.

Rob’s Reinvention and the Central Coast Writers Conference

Central Coast Rob selfieRob’s longevity in the competitive market of top-tier writers has been due to his passion for the craft and ability to adapt. From knowledge of politics to entertainment trends, Rob continuously pulls rabbits out of hats. The point? That when you are not hearing from Rob, he’s not sitting on a remote white sand beach sipping margaritas, he’s in deep, researching, writing and reinventing himself. From penning some of the top TV sitcoms in the 1980’s and 1990’s, to Disney feature animation writing in the 2000’s, and now this next decade has him transitioning to live-action feature and adaptation writing — not to leave out the two books he is writing. And when he’s not hunkered down exploring life from different angles and organizing them on the page, he looks forward to talking with and meeting all of you; the writers that have gleaned insights in to this thriving and sometimes tough industry through him.

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Congratulations Anne Marie!

Many talented people make up Team Rob. Frankly, they do all the work. All I do is walk in, pick up the clicker and start yapping. When they’re not doing literally everything else, Anne Marie, Nancy, Christopher and the gang are out in the world writing fantastic screenplays, making great movies and writing wonderful articles like this one. Congratulations to Anne Marie Boidock for this great article on the Sizoo brothers and their photographic journeys. We look forward to more bylines from her in the future.
Bastiaan - 1
Photo by Bastiaan Sizoo

Post “Pop Up” Coffee Talk At Groundworks

Thank you to all of you who were able to join Rob Edwards and some of the workshop team at Groundworks Coffee for another successful “Pop-up” coffee talk. We also want to send a big thank you out to Groundwork Coffee on Montana in Santa Monica for their helpful staff, delectable eats, awesome drinks and for creating an all around engaging atmosphere for us to meet.

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Join Rob in Santa Monica for a “Pop Up” Coffee Talk

Rob at Cafe Aroma Coffee Talk

Hey friends, we know it’s been a while since Rob has had one of his coffee talks. To change it up, we are meeting for a “Pop Up” coffee, this Sunday, May 22nd from 2:00-5:00pm in Santa Monica. All are welcome to pick Rob’s brain, no surgeons please, just good old, pencil sharpening writers (and, yes, he uses a pencil sometimes.)

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Storytelling Secrets Revealed … and a Surprise at 11:30

I was thrilled to be a part of the Central Coast Writers Conference last year for their panel entitled “Crafting of a Masterpiece from Content to Classic”.

This video is packed with great tips on writing both books and screenplays from the legendary Paul Selvin, award winning screenwriter Anthony Peckham (Sherlock Holmes, Divergent), Peter Dunne (“CSI”, “Jag” and the miniseries “Sybil”), the hysterical children’s book author Wendeline Van Drannen, screenwriter and novelist Doug Richardson (Die Hard, Money Train) and my new besties, comedy legend and one of Bob Hope’s favorite writers, Gene Perrett (“3’s Company”, “Welcome Back Kotter”) and thriller novelist Johnathan Mayberry, who I shared a glass of wine or twenty with at the afterparty. No one held back and rolled out their best tactics!

Let me know what you think in the comments below. There’s a surprise at 11:30!

How To Get “In State” Before You Write

On the last show I worked on, the Executive Producer would occasionally start the day by watching his favorite episodes of one of his earlier award-winning shows. When I worked with two other writers on a feature for Universal, one of my co-writers would often read his earlier well-regarded scripts. He’d burst into his inimitable laugh every few pages and then settle into his day’s work.

Why do this? I really couldn’t answer the question until earlier this week.

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Skrawl Screenwriters Challenge: Lessons on How I Won & Why I Lost

It’s Week 4 of the Skrawl Writers Challenge.

OK, so I lost the first challenge. Won the second.  And lost the third.

Of course, I’m me, so rather than just take a victory lap on the second one, I’m going to dwell on the first challenge. Let you know what my plan of attack was for the second. And then talk about the third challenge next week… after I’ve cried myself to sleep. Yeah, I’m a sore loser.

So, here goes.

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